'Ferrari' knock on crown capper - B00ACC4LZQ

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  • Capper for crown caps, Brand name quality from Ferrari

  • With one strike of a hammer the bottle is closed

  • Tool made of sturdy, hard plastic

  • Fits all commercial bottle crown caps

  • Crown cap bottle capper

  • 'Ferrari' knock on crown capper

       A simple but highly effective tool for closing crown caps on all kinds of juice, drinks and beer bottles. A hit with a hammer is sufficient and the bottle is tightly closed.

       Ideal tool for all hobby beer brewers or just for fun. Close opened or self-filled bottles at home with this simple system.  

       How it works: Place a crown cap on the bottle to be closed. Put the metal side of the capper over the crown cap and hit it with a short, vigorous strike of a hammer to tighten the cap. It functions perfectly and is absolutely uncomplicated and safe for home and hobby use. Of course, you can get the crown caps from us, too.

    'Ferrari' knock on crown capper - B00ACC4LZQ

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